Finding New Customers

Marketing has never been so easy. Enter your niche, related keywords and let the software find websites or import your own list and let the program do the rest. 

 Do you need a Contact Form Submitter to send email messages through website contact forms? Are you tired of low open rates with traditional email marketing?


Posting to contact forms is a great way to obtains sales and leads, we have had feedback from many users saying this one feature has paid for #ContactBOTS on the first day of use!


Advanced users of #ContactBOTS will love the fact they can fully customize the form fields the poster can handle.


Define every aspect of your message including names, address data or even custom data. You can set it up to use real or generate random data. You can also use to create more personal and unique Business to Business messages..


You can have the program up and running within seconds. Press NEW, enter a keyword, then press START. Easily find new customers for your product or service within seconds.

What Our Clients Say

Huge time saver and simple interface anyone can use this push button program to find B2B customers for their products and services.
Glenn Gallagher
Wow this ContactBots program is fantastic to use to find our ideal customers in the Fashion Industry. The simplest program to use and fast.
Michelle Valdi
Fashion Model
Finding our clients with #ContactBots has saved us a huge amount of time, expense and qualifying prospects. The ContactBots has drastically improved our list building and massive improvements in conversions with clients.
Nick Stevens

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